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Spray Tanning & Sunless Tanning Products

Direct from tanning's most experienced sunless manufacturer - solutions since 1998!

Caribbean Mist DARK 305 Light Spray Tanning Solution for airbrush and HVLP for fair skin Premium Tan Extender lotion for lenghtening spray tans
Caribbean Mist DARK - 7oz.
Retail Price $36.00
Fuzion Dark Sunless Solution with Ecocert approved DHA - competition ready Revive Daily Moisturizer all natural Aloe Vera based lotion rich in vitamins. Mostly ORGANIC and all natural. Rapid Tan (HALF THE WASH OFF!)
Sunless Tan friendly  pH Balanced Body Wash 100% Organic Shielding Lip Balm Max Enhance Clear Tanning Oil

"Sunless starts here..."

Specializing in producing the best spray tan solution & sunless tanning products you will find.

While other manufacturers perfect their machines for application, our forte is formulation!

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Ecocert does NOT certify organic DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). Ecocert has noticed numerous products claiming they contain organic DHA certified by EcocertĚ, which is false and misleading to the consumer. Our comment and the full Ecocert release can be seen at Ecocert Statement on Organic DHA

Looking for the best spray solutions and sunless tanning products?
The #1 place for your tanning needs!

Sunless Tanning Leader
We are a pioneer and leader in spray tan solutions with formulations for a range of spray machines. Beginning with airbrush solutions in 1998, we have been a principal innovator of solutions for handheld guns and for booths from the start of the sunless revolution.

Healthy Products
Biddiscombe has been creating and manufacturing skincare products for over 30 years. Everything coming from our plant is designed to be a healthy skin care product, first and foremost. Our retail products and solutions are created this way. Biddiscombe's self tanners, tan extenders and other spray tan friendly products are all developed to promote skin health and maximize customer satisfaction.

Fresh Ecocert Approved DHA
We make solutions every single day! You are guaranteed fresh DHA with us.

The Straight Facts
You will get accurate ingredient disclosure and no BS from us. We believe in openness and knowledge - if you have a question, call us and we will answer you.

We Know Natural and Organic
We are an Ecocert certified facility and are also a certified organic manufacturer under the USDA National Organic Program. We are the authority for organic within the spray tan community and know natural better than anyone.

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