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DIY Spray Tan Booth

Posted by John Melville on

We created a spray tan overspray booth that could be easily transported for use at trade shows.A number of attendees asked us for the details.This is what we did.Not too hard.Creating the opening for the filter takes a little time.The booth can be created for under $400 and perhaps less than $300.


The parts are all readily available - here is the breakdown of components:

-6-panel folding portable display kit (or 2 3-panel units)

-Aluminum trim

-Air filter with frame that can be custom fit that is able to filter moisture and can be rinsed/re-used.

-Box fan

Velcro fabric display panels can be found on multiple sites including eBay for just over $200.Here is one:

There is a video with that link showing how the panels join together. Remember that you would need 2 of these 3 panel displays that are each 3 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

 Notched Aluminum trim

We disassembled one panel, trimmed down the insert panel, fastened the aluminum trim and reassembled.More specifically, we cut out and removed most of the bottom portion of the lower middle panel and framed it out with some aluminum trim from Home Depot. (see attached pictures)If you need more specifics, let us know.The cross-section of the aluminum trim is L-shaped. We put two of them together along the top edge to finish the seam between the filter and the partial panel.The aluminum trim is also "notched" to slide into the panel frame.  

 Filter inserted into Frame

We use a black washable air filter that we trimmed to fit the opening from Home Depot.

The filter frame just slips into place, no fasteners and the fan sandwiches it.

A standard box fan was positioned on the back side, snug against the filter. A bungee cord can be used to hold the fan tight against the filter.

The most expensive part was putting the black adhesive vinyl on the flip side of the Velcro panels (they were white from the factory, so if you can find a display that is black on the back side it saves a step!)An alternative is to spray paint the panels.Vinyl is better and craft or fabric stores should have it. We got our black vinyl from a graphics supplier.

The display set of 6 panels we have fold in a zig-zag completely flat against themselves so that they can be stored and carried in a compact bag (3 panels per bag).

Note:We did not put anything behind the seams where the panels hinged together.There is a gap of about 1/8" that would allow overspray which should be covered on the back side.

 Exhaust Fan Opening

 Back Detail

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