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Biddiscombe Sunless

I really hate BS

Posted by John Melville on

People deserve honesty. All too often the intense desire for market advantage leads to misrepresentation and willful dishonesty. I think that is far too prevalent amongst spray tan solution manufacturers. 

Is it likely that any manufacturer is not aware of the Ecocert statement that came out over 3 months ago? Not likely. However, solution companies persist in claiming they... use organic DHA in their solutions.

Additionally, the claims of organic spray tanning and organic solutions are widespread in the US even though there are no organic certifications to back the assertions. The use of parabens, synthetic FD&C colors, synthetic preservatives, silicone, and fragrance amongst others in some combination is in all these products and these are strictly forbidden in certified organic products.

I lay down a challenge to the other manufacturers in our industry:  
1.  DHA is made by only a half a dozen companies worldwide with the 2 largest being from Europe. These 2 certainly don’t make organic DHA. If you claim you use organic DHA, prove it! Otherwise stop the BS.
2.  If you claim that your product is organic, produce a valid certification and not some bogus seal created in a graphics program to slap on a bottle.

Our customers deserve honesty and folks generally believe what we as manufacturers tell them. I say to other manufacturers if you tout integrity and honesty in your websites, walk the talk. Fluff in marketing materials is understandable, BS and lying is not. We refuse to go there at Biddiscombe.

I choose not to name names. However, we will detail deceptions here on a no-name basis – it won’t be hard to figure it out.

I sincerely hope people clean up their act. The integrity of our industry is important to some of us.

John Melville
President, Biddiscombe Sunless

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