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Biddiscombe Sunless

Our Solutions

                                                       CREATED BY A PRO FOR A PRO


                Biddiscombe Labs prides itself on being a leading USA based manufacturer of skin care and tanning solutions and we offer over 30 years experience in cosmetic design and manufacture. We became an innovator in sunless tanning products as one of the first manufacturers of spray tan solutions in 1998 and we have developed leading spray tanning solutions for applications with airbrush and HVLP spray guns or booth technology.

              Bidiscombe has imposed itself on the national and international market. We use active "cosmeceuticals" and natural and organic ingredients so that we can create exclusive formulas to guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness in the industry.

              Because of the sophisticated formulas and guaranteed results, our Legacy line became the go-to line for the professionals that want perfection

              Being a PRO, means that your products should reflect your professional service and support you business in encourage happy customer to become loyal. With Legacy, you are guaranteed to receive quality products that deliver amazing results and at affordable prices. 

             What to expect from our solutions

  •  You can choose from multiple fragrance: vanilla, citrus, coconut, lemongrass or just go with the unscented version
  •  Packed with skin nutrient ingredients: anti-oxidants, age-defying, moisturizing extracts
  •  Formulated to match all skin tones and undertones.
  •  Revolutionary blend of of DHA, encapsulated DHA and Erythrulose
  •  Odor encapsulation technology- to eliminate the unpleasant odor 
  •  Smooth application and a great natural color
  •  Non–sticky and quick drying – no more the 5 minutes
  •  Guarantee no  orange color (if properly applied by a professional)
  •  Great fade
  •  Long lasting tan due to the high-end ingredients and unique DHA-erythrulose formula: 7-10 days
  •  Made with EcoCert approved DHA
  •  Longer shelf life than any other spray tan solution on the market
  •  Instant and long lasting tan
  •  Streak free formula
  •  High-end solution on a budget
  •  All ingredients are FDA approved
  •  Free of parabens and harsh chemicals. ingredients-solutions.png

                Encapsulated DHA - unique sphere delivery system designed to enhance the efficacy of DHA. This technology protects DHA from premature reactivity, thus enhancing stability and preventing discoloration over a time

 Advantages of microencapsulated  DHA

  •        Instant long lasting tan due to the slow release system
  •        Reduces the unwanted odor associated with tanning products
  •        Longer shelf-life

Erythrulose: It is a natural keto-sugar occurring in Red Raspberries. Erythrulose has been developed to reduce or even eliminate some disadvantages of DHA (odor, the drying effect or the possibility to get an orange color if is over-applied). The reaction of erythrulose with skin is slow and gentle, which makes it possible to produce a natural, long-lasting, even tan without stripes and less skin drying effect as compared with DHA

                DHA produces similar results, but faster; however erythrulose takes longer to develop its full effect, therefore the tan lasts longer
                When combined with DHA, the resulting sunless tan last longer, fade better, and provide a more cosmetically pleasing color tone

Most of Legacy products contain a blend of encapsulated DHA, Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose in an optimized ratio to maximize the synergistic activity of all key ingredients.


did-you-know.jpgIn an in vivo test one group of volunteers were sprayed  with a solution with a mix DHA and Erythrulose solution and another group was sprayed with a solution based on DHA alone.


  •        Erythrulose in combination with DHA produced a more even and longer lasting tan without the undesired streaks.
  •        Volunteers sprayed with a DHA+Erythrulose solution had the skin less dry than those sprayed with DHA alone.
  •        The maximal tanning intensity was reached with the Erythrulose after 4-6 days and with DHA after 2 days. This result shows that Erythrulose reacts with the free amino acids of the horny layer more slowly than DHA. Due to this fact and to its more uniform distribution in the stratum corneum, Erythrulose is believed to to be responsible for a more uniform and even tan.

Odor control technology – is a concentrated compound that works on “contact” to entrap and eliminate malodor molecules.

Hyaluronic acid - to keep the skin hydrated and reduce the signs of aging 

Hemp seed extract is the nature’s most perfectly balanced oil as it contains all 21 amino acids the optimum requirements for a healthy skin

Black tea is an antioxidant with soothing properties 

Aloe vera has soothing properties and antioxidant qualities


                         An extensive range to choose from